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We are one of the most respected team of power engineers in Ukraine. Our team of more than 30 members in 14 countries unites financing specialists, inventors, investors, engineers, projectors, developers, manufacturers, academic researchers and continue to grow.
Fostering Partnerships

Enabling lighthouse projects and creating unique business opportunities for our partners.


Encouraging sustained prosperity and stability in the region through the creation of local jobs and industries associated with the energy transition.

Collaborative Platform

Capitalizing on new opportunities by bringing together the private sector, the public sector and academia

Emission - Free Transition

Assisting in the transformation from the current fossil fuel basis towards emission free supply.


H2 Argus excels as a versatile integrator, offering expertise in engineering, plant construction, and the entire life cycle of energy production from sustainable and convenient sources. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, safety, and efficiency ensures the delivery of high-performance assets for the energy, resources, and infrastructure sectors. We strive to go beyond expectations, making a significant impact in the field.

Scientific studies 90%
Modelling and Projections 80%
Construction and Engineering 75%
Know-how 65%

We are involved in many projects investing in clean energy projects by 2030. These low- and zero-carbon projects will help power and decarbonize heavy transportation as well other heavy industrial sectors.

Our expansive portfolio of proprietary technologies, combined with our experience and know-how, are brought together in unique configurations to benefit our customers in accelerating the energy transition.

We work together with customers providing solutions to support them on their sustainability journey. We partner with select industry suppliers and governments authorities on large-scale solutions.


Started in the ’90s as a small industry initiative, H2 Argus is an independent think tank and became now international network paving the way for ‘net zero emission’, secure and affordable energy from the green electrons and molecules.H2 Argus is following a phased approach of implementing COP28 locally, accelerating Ukraine energy transition in a global context, investing our ideas in a carbon-free future for Ukraine and whole world.

This includes clean power from renewable resources, hydrogen and derivatives like e-methanol, e-ammonia, and e-kerosene, which can be used in industry and transport, different solutions for upgrade of providers of convenient resources.

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First and fastest bike in class which works on hydrogen/fuel cells
Biggest mobile container heat boiler room in the world
H2 inhaler and generator system which effectively resist Covid-19
Modernization of existing metal production for electricity and hydrogen from renewable resources
FEED works for green ammonia plant
Fully-mobile boiler LPG 650 kW
our team
Maxim Sagdiev
Vyacheslav Bernatsky
GR Manager
Oleksii Ponomarov
Standardization and QMS Expert
Borys Kostiukovskyy
Energy Sector Expert
Medical Expert
Sagdiiev Sergey
Yuriy Danylko
Project manager
Halyna Sahdiieva
Lawyer, labor protection
Lesia Rudik
Sergey Bondarenko
Project partner
Vladyslav Ryabushkin
IR, CIO (Investor Relations, Chief Information Officer)
Alexandr Nemirovskiy
Oksana Dudnik
Deputy General Director
Vyacheslav Islamov
Technician, inventor
Alexandr Afanasyev
Technical manager of engineering projects
Angel Vladimirov
Director of the representative office of LLC "H2 ARGUS" in Bulgaria
Olena Mironenko
Project partner. Director of the Ukrainian H2voda portal. The portal is a market leader in hydrogen devices for human health.
Green Hydrogen Systems and Bilfinger are set to embark on a collaborative venture to investigate hydrogen projects under their newly formed partnership.

Green Hydrogen Systems (GHS) and Bilfinger have joined forces to collaborate on the development of hydrogen project proposals ranging from…

BMW finds hydrogen increasingly relevant in its endeavors.

During its annual conference, BMW showcased its forward-looking approach to energy transition by introducing the Neue Klasse platform. The virtual…

Provaris initiates the production process for a prototype 250-bar hydrogen storage tank.

Provaris Energy, headquartered in Australia, has commenced the manufacturing process for a prototype 250-bar hydrogen storage tank intended for use…

Toyoda Gosei’s hydrogen tank is set to be incorporated into a passenger ship.

Toyota Gosei’s advanced high-pressure hydrogen tanks are now being integrated into a passenger ship powered by a blend of hydrogen…

The utilization of green fuels is hastening the process of decarbonizing the shipping industry.

The introduction of green hydrogen has empowered heavy industries such as shipping to initiate the mitigation of their environmental footprint….

Shell selects Verdagy as the provider of electrolyser modules for their extensive projects.

Verdagy has been endorsed as a supplier for forthcoming Shell green hydrogen initiatives following the technical approval of its electrolysers…

Accelera’s electrolysers drive Chevron’s innovative solar-to-H2 project.

Accelera, a division of Cummins focused on zero-emission solutions, is set to provide Chevron New Energies with a cutting-edge 5-MW…

HRS sets sights on installing up to 5 additional H2 refuelling stations across France

Hydrogen Refuelling Solutions (HRS) and SEVEN have disclosed their intentions to establish as many as five hydrogen refuelling stations across…

BayWa and Ampt Integrate Solar into Wind-Flow Battery Project without Dedicated Inverters

BayWa re and Ampt, in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT), have unveiled a pioneering hybrid system…

Unlocking the Potential: Urgent Call to Increase Funding for Energy Storage

Addressing the Storage Gap: Paving the Way for Renewable Energy Integration In the fast-paced evolution of renewable energy technology, our…

Solar Initiative Cuts Electricity Expenses and Carbon Footprint for 2,000 Homes in Mauritius

Mauritius Advances Solar Deployment to Benefit 2,000 Households In an exemplary move toward sustainable energy solutions, the Central Electricity Board…

Solomon Islands Drives Action with Plans to Increase Renewables Use

Pioneering solutions to elevate renewable energy can fortify energy security and enhance the overall well-being of the nation, as outlined…

IRENA and Collaborators Spearhead Renewable Energy Implementation in Vulnerable Areas via UN Peacekeeping Initiatives

Launched during the 13th IRENA Assembly in 2023, the United Nations (UN) Energy Compact on Renewable Energy for Peacekeeping aims…

Renewable Energy Potential and Strategic Geographical Position Bolster North Africa’s Role in Shaping the Energy Transition

Unlocking North Africa’s Renewable Potential for a Sustainable Energy FutureThe nations of North Africa – Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia,…

Alberta is actively adopting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as part of its commitment to a revolutionary shift towards environmentally friendly transportation.

In a bold departure from the prevailing electric vehicle (EV) trend, the provincial government of Alberta is actively considering hydrogen…

Investigating Geological Hydrogen and its Contribution to the Clean Revolution: Conversation with Dr. Scott Tinker

In a recent discussion, Dr. Scott Tinker, a prominent energy expert, explored key facets of the dynamic clean energy landscape….

Honda’s Plan for a Future Driven by Hydrogen

Honda is placing a strategic bet on the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology, envisioning a significant role for fuel…

Promoting the Green Hydrogen Revolution in India: Nine Companies to Increase Production

India has taken a substantial stride toward a sustainable energy future, with nine companies, including Reliance Green Hydrogen and Green…

Hydrogen has been incorporated into the European Union’s list of “Projects of Common Interest.”

For the first time, hydrogen and electrolyzer initiatives have been integrated into the European Commission’s list of “Projects of Common…

Companies in the United Kingdom and Belgium specializing in gas are collaborating on a project to construct a hydrogen pipeline spanning the North Sea.

National Gas, the gas transmission company in Great Britain, and Fluxys Belgium have entered into an agreement to investigate the…

Provider of electrolysis equipment experiences over a threefold increase in yearly earnings.

Thyssenkrupp Nucera witnessed a profit surge, more than tripling its earnings during the 2023 financial year (concluding on September 30),…

Australia selects potential projects for a billion-dollar hydrogen support initiative.

Australia has identified two wind-driven electrolysis projects as part of a pool of six eligible applicants for funding from its…

Namibia is set to back the “largest green hydrogen project in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Namibia’s specialized green hydrogen finance entity, SDG Namibia One Fund, is acquiring a 24% share in a Hyphen green hydrogen…

ACWA Power has finalized an agreement for an extensive green hydrogen project in Egypt.

ACWA Power has officially inked the agreement for the initial $4 billion phase of a colossal green hydrogen project in…

Tenaris: Committing to Sustainable and Renewable Investments

As of the current newsletter edition, the wind farm has successfully installed four wind turbine generators. The Techint Group is…

The transition towards sustainable energy is generating vast prospects.

The global move towards clean energy, driven by climate change concerns, is creating vast opportunities. Techint Engineering & Construction has…

Emerging technologies hold the potential to revolutionize both the aviation industry and the electricity sector.

The TechEnergy Ventures team and Liuminiscent founders. Occasionally, straightforward technologies can bring about transformative changes. TechEnergy Ventures, the energy transition…


There has been a surge in the acquisition of lithium assets in the elevated regions of northwestern Argentina as more…

Metals are assuming a pivotal role in the process of decarbonization, and there exists the potential for their cleaner production.

When contemplating the energy transition, common associations include solar and wind power, lithium for electric car batteries, and the potential…

Harvesting Oxygen from the Moon is Not an Unattainable Goal, and Achieving Net-Zero Steel Production is Equally Feasible.

At times, unconventional ideas can lead to innovative solutions. This is evident in the case of Helios, an Israeli company…

Global Commission Unveils Proposals to Expedite Permitting Processes in Response to Climate Change

NEW YORK – Today, a global commission unveiled groundbreaking recommendations aimed at expediting the planning and approval processes crucial for the…